Nursing Assistant Course (NAC)

$125.00 - Fundamental of Nursing Aid (NA)
$125.00 - Giving First Aid (FA)
$95.00 - Care for Elderly & Special Children (CE)
$95.00 - Care for Infants and Children (CI)
$95.00 - Home Management & Nutrition (HM)
$95.00 - Preventive Healthcare (PH)
$70.00 - Practicum (OJT) / MS Word
$70.00 - English Proficiency (EP)
Computer Literacy Course (CLC)
$85.00 - MS Word (C1)
$85.00 - MS Excel (C2)
$85.00 - MS Powerpoint (C3)
$85.00 - Internet (C4)
$70.00 - Computer Lab (C5)
$70.00 - English Proficiency (EP)
Hotel & Restaurant Management (HRM)
$95.00 - Fundamental of Hospitality
$95.00 - F&B Service & Operations
$95.00 - Front Office Mgt. / Communication
$95.00 - Principles of Food Preparation
$95.00 - Housekeeping Management
$95.00 - Bar Mgt. & Wine Mixing
$125.00 - MICE / Event Planning & Mgt.
$70.00 - English Proficiency / MS Word
Office Assistant Course
$210 - Prerequesite: Computer Subjects (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)
$95.00 - Management
$95.00 - Administration
$95.00 - Communication
$125.00 - Situational Analysis
Entrepreneurship Development Course

$70.00 - Financial Literacy
$70.00 - Business Planning
$70.00 - Marketing Plan
$70.00 - Bookkeeping
$70.00 - Business English
$70.00 - Professionalism
$100.00 - Word & Excel
Reg. Fee - $50.00 (one time, good for one year, non-refundable, incl. ID).
Note: Cheque payment should be made payable to GoForth Training Services 


  1. Photocopy of Work Permit (back to back)
  2. Two (2) passport-size photos
  3. Transcript of Record when necessary
  4. S$50.00 reg. fee


12.02.2020 06:29


Sorry mdm,,, may i know about the course schedule? Thanks

06.12.2018 02:38

Angie barcebal i know how much care giver all fees.and when start the enrollment?

28.06.2018 06:33


Hi. What is the schedule of your class?

08.06.2018 06:36

Mayette Dimzon

Are your NAC courses still open? Where can I go to register? Thank you

29.07.2018 18:59


Yes, it's still open. Please visit our office at 1 Claymore Drive #08-13 Orchard Towers Singapore 229594.

23.03.2018 01:37


Hi ..when yong start ng clase? Tnx

29.07.2018 18:58


It has already started but you can still enrol our under our "Monitored Class System".

22.03.2018 14:38

Mary ann del rosario

How to enroll and when it start

29.07.2018 18:56


Just visit our office at 1 Claymore Road #08-13 Orchard Towers, Singapore 229594.

08.03.2018 14:41


Hi is the enrollment still goin on.. I would like to enroll NAC kindly please update me. Thank you

29.07.2018 18:54


Yes, enrolment is going on.

25.01.2018 02:53

Ruth Balimbin Acpal

hi good morning...just wa

29.07.2018 18:55


Yes, how may we help you?

29.07.2018 18:53


Yes, how may we help you?

26.01.2018 00:56

Rey Navarro

What do you mean?

14.01.2018 13:54

Anna maria

Hi i just want to ask where exsactly the address of school

26.01.2018 00:55

Rey Navarro

Our office is at No. 1 Claymore Drive, #08-13 Orchard Towers, Singapore 229594. Our classes is conducted in this address and in Peace Centre along Selegi Road.

09.01.2018 07:20


Hi i jusf want to ask if the nursing Aid course is only for 1day? Tnx

09.01.2018 11:41

Rey Navarro

I don't get what you mean. Can you just text me at 9736-2828.

01.01.2018 18:42

Margie P.Millares

Hi, I graduated nursing aid in your training school. I think back in 2006 or 2005 but I lost my certificate. Can I request for a new one and how much do I need to pay?

09.01.2018 11:42

Rey Navarro

Please text me at 9736-2828.

24.12.2017 07:40


Sir,may I know the exact location of your office? Thanks..I went to far east shopping center,but the guard said you change location already..

09.01.2018 11:43

Rey Navarro

1 Claymore Drive #08-13 Orchard Tower (rear block apartment) Singapore 229594.

17.12.2017 06:23


Can I just take the Housekeeping Management (HR6). Or it should be the whole courses? thanks a lot.

17.12.2017 06:21


hi good day
just want to inquire about the HRM course. When is the class for 2018 will start? is the class is on going? how about the enrollment for this course is it on going too?

09.01.2018 11:45

Rey Navarro

The class started last Sunday. Enrolment is on-going.

09.01.2018 11:44

Rey Navarro

Yes, you may take just the Housekeeping and receive a certificate of attendance.

02.12.2017 12:03

Rhea Broncillo

Hello..sir may I know the class schedule for NA..thank u so much

11.12.2017 20:07

Rey Navarro

Hi Rhea, Enrolment is on-going right now and classes start on January 7, 2018.

30.10.2017 17:20


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24.11.2017 21:35

Rey Navarro

Thank you.

04.10.2017 14:47

Cheng quinsay

Good Evening po.yung fundamental of nursing aide gaano katagal po ito .yung 110.for the whole course po ba?at certipicate din po ba ang makukuha .salamat po

24.11.2017 21:34

Rey Navarro

Every subject is for 3 months, the fees is also for 3 months. Yes, you may get a certificate after the course.

03.10.2017 05:09

Charm Cudal

Kelan po next enrolment after October?

24.11.2017 21:33

Rey Navarro

Every subject is for 3 months, the fees is also for 3 months. Yes, you may get a certificate after the course.

03.10.2017 09:24

Rey G. Navarro

Ang enrolment ay laging on-going. Pero ang sunod na klase ay sa January na.

03.10.2017 05:11

Charm Cudal

Enrolment for nursing assistant..Thank you

11.09.2017 02:17

Chona ordanza

Good morning po ask q lng po ilng months po bgo matpos ang isng subject like for caregiver ? Salamat po. God bless

03.10.2017 09:25

Rey G. Navarro

3 months, pero ang pasok ay twice a month lang. So bale 5-6 meetings.

07.09.2017 10:57


Hi good evening po..ask ko lng po kung ilang months ang computer literacy course at kilan po ang next term..thank u

03.10.2017 09:26

Rey G. Navarro

Start na ng computer class sa Sunday for our 4th term. Bale mga 9-12 months.

30.09.2017 17:49

reynaldo navarro

start na ngayon yong for 1st & 3rd Sunday class at next Sunday yong 2nd & 4th Sunday class.

30.09.2017 17:47

reynaldo navarro

Ang isang subject ay 3 months. Ang isang course ay mga 10 months.

08.09.2017 14:10


6 to 10 months. Ang next term will be in October, 1st Sunday.

23.08.2017 12:03


Good evening sir/madam..
May i ask you..
For the nursing assistant class for all we have pay how much??how long is the class??i means including the OJT..and when start the new class..thank you..

25.08.2017 22:58


About $900 for 9-12 months including OJT. First & second Sunday of October.

19.08.2017 02:33

Ma. Kristina Tonocante

Good day maam/sir,
Inquire po sana ako, kung magkano po ang buong fees ng NURSING AID including registration fee,uniform and course fees..
Thank you in advance.

25.08.2017 22:56


About $900 for 9-12 months of academic study and OJT. But you don't need to pay it in full. Ang babayaran mo lang affront ay yong registration fee ($50) at half ng tuition fee ($85-110).

11.08.2017 08:47

Jenny alcaraz

Hi maam/ sir... im jenny ask k lng po kung kelan po ang start ng class s nursing aid..

17.08.2017 19:35


First Sunday ng October. Enrolment is going on.

30.07.2017 04:37


Hi Po..
Ask lng po if my schedule ba MS Excel sa saturday & sunday. Im holding pr kung pwd po ba ako mag register?

17.08.2017 19:37


Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Wala kaming offer na MS Excel this term per baka sa next term, October.

21.06.2017 08:01


Hi mam/ sir ask ko lng po Kung ano time schedule ng Sunday at ilang session po yung six month every Sunday po box?

30.06.2017 20:49


Ano ang course mo? Please text 9736-2828 for the update. Ang mga courses namin ay every 1st & 3rd or 2nd & 4th Sunday ang pasok. Usually from 10am to 12:00nn, 1-3, and 3-5 pm ang mga klase namin.

16.05.2017 05:45


Hello po mag enquire if pwede ako mag enrol if holding lang ako na tourist visa until jul 8 kasi spouse me ng Phil PR.

16.05.2017 08:54


You can only enrol in our workshop type of schooling like Facial Reflexology, De-Stress, etc. All others are for 3 months and you may not be able to finish it if you are taking it right away.

30.03.2017 11:20

Jesahlyn Parreño

Hello Ma'am. Good day. I would like to ask about your nursing assistant course if you are giving units for every subject? I hope you can reply. Thank you.

09.04.2017 21:28

Rey G. Navarro

Hi Jesah, We don't go by the unit. We go by the hour. Our whole course is more or less 15 units only. It's just an upgrade.

27.03.2017 08:56

Lucila E. Erojo

hi mam and sir i just ask if i can get certificate of nursing assistant course i studied year 2009 but i didnt finish i just got for subject only NA FA CE and CI...please reply my email add or here.

09.04.2017 21:32

Rey G. Navarro

Hi, You can only get Cert of Attendance for each subj provided you / we can find your record that you have passed all them. There's a fee of $10 / cert. Why don't you just finish the course.

01.03.2017 12:15

Maria Fe Villanueva

Can i asked sir/maam?the $110 is monthly fee? Thanks

09.04.2017 21:33

Reynaldo G. Navarro

No. Our fee is per subject. It will be studied for 2 & 1/5 months, 6 sessions of 3 hrs each session. Other subj is only $85.

24.01.2017 02:30

Jona ejera

Hello..i want to apply for nursing aid course... how to regester and where is ur location???any contact numbers that i can contact with???thanks...

31.01.2017 01:31

Rey G. Navarro

Hi Jona, Thank u for ur interest in our Nursing Asst Course. To register, pls visit our ofc at Far East Shopping Ctr #06-16 along Orchard Rd, opp Thai Embassy, Tel. #6734-7889. We're open this Sun.

18.01.2017 08:12


Can boys apply for hotel and resturant

18.01.2017 10:39

Reynaldo G. Navarro

Yes, men are also welcome in this course. However, please be prepared that he might be the only guy in the class.

15.01.2017 17:08

San Vasco

How much time should i invest for a nursing assistant course? it is a 96hour program?

18.01.2017 10:38

Reynaldo G. Navarro

96 hours is the practicum. There are 5 more major subjects to take and 2 minors for about 9 months; 2 Sundays (2-3 hours) every month for each subject.

28.12.2016 08:43

Anisa kurniati

waw nice

18.01.2017 10:35


Thank you!

11.11.2016 08:44

Raphael s. Torres

Is there sunday classes for nursing aid?

11.11.2016 05:26

Lea Mie L.Nonato

Hello po when the enroll start?

02.09.2016 07:40

Rosie Rebusa Ebarita'

Writing a business plan sir/madam! I'm so very interested about this,,,can i enroll?

21.08.2016 16:14

Maricel Salido

Hi! Is the class are every sunday? And how many hour it takes? Thank you

23.08.2016 05:09

Maricel Salido

Ok thanks for the reply. I will come to your office for futher information.

22.08.2016 04:22

Reynaldo G Navarro

Hi Maricel, Our class meeting for each subject is every 1st & 3rd Sunday OR 2nd & 4th Sunday. It is 2-3 hours per meeting .

09.08.2016 10:47


Hi, would like to ask if how long your computer and hotel management. courses takes?

11.08.2016 21:58

Rey G. Navarro

All our courses are more or less one year of study depending on how many subjects you are taking every term.

04.07.2016 15:57


Hello I don't have any collage diploma but then I want to take the nursing aids will I be able to do that without any diploma

10.07.2016 17:22


Yes, ours is more of training upgrade and we don't required any diploma. Our requirements are photocopy of your passport and work permit. Thank you for asking.

26.06.2016 05:36


Hi Ruby, Sorry for the late reply. We just need a photocopy of your passport & work permit, and 2 passport size ID pictures.

21.06.2016 07:21

Ruby velasco

Hello, want to inquire about computer lesson...I just ask if what are ur req.thanks

16.06.2016 16:29

Airen colendres

Good evening I just want to ask if its OK college deploma its because my transcript I never take. Yet...I want to take nursing aid.

20.06.2016 23:58


Yes, we can consider your diploma and accept you into our nursing course. Please go to our office personally to enrol.

31.05.2016 07:32


Hi, do you hold english classes? I would like to send my burmese helper to learn english, and would prefer to have a burmese teacher
Could you kindly advise? Than you

04.06.2016 10:09


Hi, Yes we do. But at the moment it's not an stand alone class. It's part of other courses that we have in the center. It means, students should enroll other course so they can take our English class.