What will happen if I am unable to finish all the subjects required under my course?

       You can get a Certificate of Attendance for every subject that you have taken from GTS for a fee of $10.00 per certificate instead of the Certificate of Commendation and a Transcript of Record.

Does attending graduation required of all GTS students?

       Yes, attending to the graduation is required of all GTS students.  If one cannot really come, he or she must produce a written reason.  In the absence of a serious reason, the student pays the full graduation fee.  If the reason is valid, the student pays 80% of the graduation fee.

Is GTS accredited by other training centers or schools?

       No, GTS operates on its own as training center.  It is up to the other institutions whether they are willing to recognize the curriculum of GTS.  However, GTS is seeking accreditation from other training centers with the same mission.

What happens if for some reason I have to stop in the middle of the term? Can I continue to the following term?

       Yes and you only have to pay an administrative fee of $10.00.  You don’t need to repeat all the subjects all over again.  You will continue from where you stop as long as you come again the following term. After 3 years, you have to start from the beginning.

If I have a problem that affects my study, who can I see aside from my teacher?

       You may see the registrar or the director of the training center.  You may e-mail or call GTS.

Email: goforth.info@gmail.com

           Tel. Nos.: 6734 7889 or 9644-0092

(Updated: July 2018)


10.04.2017 10:12


I have a Filipino helper who wants to take a nursing aide courses. Her off day is on every Sunday. Do you conduct lessons on Sundays as well? Please advise me so that we can do an enrolment.

15.04.2017 00:36

Rey G. Navarro

I believe I answered your question already in our FB site. Thank you for your assistance to your helper.