Discounts & Incentives

       We understand that most of our students are household workers and what they have is a hard-earned income.  Because of this, at GTS we try to give the best training we can for our students to learn a lot and for the value of their money to get what it deserves. GTS students, to encourage you more to keep going and finish whatever course you have started, next time you enroll three subjects or more, you will get two coupons worth S$15.00 that you can use to pay for your school fees or for any other services of GTS such graduation fee (S$10.00), seminar fee ($5.00), 2-3 cups of coffee (S$5.00) at the office lounge, etc.  Just enroll at least three subjects.  This coupon is not exchangeable to cash.

       Get cash if you want, too!  Recommend a student to GTS.  If your recommendation has enrolled successfully and paid in full - you will get a cold cash of S$10.00.  Rules: 1) the fee is per student and NOT per subject, 2) the fee is only one time and NOT whenever the student has re-enrolled, 3) on the enrollment form, the student should write your name as someone who recommended him or her, and 4) the amount shall be given only every end of the term when the students are fully paid of their obligation to the school.

       The two promotional concepts above are until December 2016 only.  They may or may not be renewed the following year.  GTS is committed to fulfil any financial obligation in relation to these promotions.




       As some of you maybe aware of, GoForth Training Services (GTS) has a sister company called GoForth Marketing & Services (GMS) Pte. Ltd.  This company is involved in promoting and selling Filipino products and services.  Refer us a client and once your client patronizes what we are promoting, we will give you a surprise gift or incentive.  The latter could be in the form of cash whenever it warrants us to do so or in the form of discounts, free seminars, free tours free accomodation, free goodies, etc.

       What do we promote right now?  Properties in Cavite, stay at Kabayan Hotel, air-ticket through Koino Air Travel & Tours, franchise of food cart, etc.